Norway Seafood Festival for the youth

Bring your school class to the seafood market and meet talented chefs who can’t wait to show you their best tips, and dispel some myths about fish. Fish and seafood are affordable and sustainable ingredients. Taste exciting food from the seafood suppliers, and discover flavors you’ve never tasted before.

Meet founder and influencer Karen Elene Thorsen and one of Norway’s most famous TikTokers, Ellen Aabol. Karen is best known as “Fattig Student” on Instagram. Who hasn’t saved leftovers from the fridge with her clever recipes?

At the seafood market, “Fattig Student” and Ellen Aabol will tell you more about how you can cook healthy and tasty food for cheap during your studies.

Experience this at the seafood market

Influencer Ellen Aabol

Ellen Aabol is one of Norway’s biggest food bloggers, and has 200,000 followers on TikTok. She has published a cookbook, and has also taken part in Melodi Grand Prix Junior and Camp Kulinaris. She will be at the Children’s Seafood Festival to make her favorite seafood recipes and share useful food tips.

Influencer Karen Elene Thorsen

For many, Karen Elene Thorsen is best known as “Fattig Student”, through her Instagram account with the same name. She has over 220,000 followers and shares cheap and sustainable recipes weekly. Karen Elene Thorsen has also published several books about smart cooking and life as a student. Get to know her even better during the Children’s Seafood Festival!

Unge Kokker

Make your favorite sushi together with “Unge kokker”!

“Unge Kokker” has 10 years experience of conveying food knowledge and public health to children and youth throughout Norway. At the Children’s Seafood Festival, you will meet food ambassadors from “Unge Kokker” who will make sushi with you.