Discover the seafood menus

During the Norway Seafood Festival, the city’s restaurants invite you to unforgettable seafood meals.

Perfect season
In late winter, seafood is at its best. When the water is freezing cold, the algae disappear, which improves the living conditions for shellfish. In addition, the weather is more stable in late winter, which facilitates good conditions for fishing. This means the chef can select the finest ingredients from the sea, allowing you to enjoy the best seafood dishes. The coast of Trøndelag is known, among other things, for world-class scallops and the spawning cod are perfect at this time of year.

A culinary journey
Trondheim has entered the star map as a food destination. Here you will find top chefs, Michelin-starred restaurants, and high-quality local ingredients. During the Norway Seafood Festival, the city’s restaurants serve their finest seafood menus, and the festival program offers tempting experiences for everyone, such as fine dining at To Rom og Kjøkken or a visit to the popular sushi buffet at family favorite Sabrura. Explore the city’s best wine selection at Spontan Vinbar or enjoy world-class crab at The Crab. During the Norway Seafood Festival, you will discover new flavors and traditional favorites.


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