Childrens Seafood Festival

The Children’s Seafood Festival should combine play and learning about the sea and seafood. Two days will be packed with fun activities for children and young people.


Location: Clarion Hotel Trondheim
Time: Saturday 16 March and Sunday 17 March from 11-16
Admission: Free

–> Experience the sea animals up close

What does seafood look like before it ends up on a plate? Students from the Department of Biology at NTNU set up a portable marine mini-lab, with small shore creatures. 

Research seaweed fleas, lively beach crabs, snails, and other interesting, edible, and inedible species found in the Trondheimsfjord.

Suitable for all ages.

–> Become a DNA detective

Put on your detective hat and help us uncover which sea creatures we have found the DNA sequences for. Suitable for all ages.

Make your favorite sushi together with “Unge Kokker”! Unge Kokker has 10 years’ experience of imparting food knowledge and public health to children and young people throughout Norway. At the Children’s Seafood Festival, you can meet the “Unge Kokkers” food ambassadors who will make sushi with you.

The science center SeeSalmon is coming to the Children’s Seafood Festival. Here you will learn more about ocean farming, how to take care of the farmed salmon and what the farming facilities of the future may look like.

• Spin the Wheel of Fortune for a chance to win free entry for the entire family at SeeSalmon.
• “Kim’s Play” with salmon: Learn about the anatomy of salmon and compete to win free entry tickets for the entire family!
• Knot board – Do you know the essential knots for boating? Try and learn on our knot board. If you manage to do it, you get candy!
• Put on your lab coat and be a marine biologist with us! Here you can see organisms under a microscope

Smaker fra Øyriket is a corporate collaboration of local food producers from Hitra and Frøya with roots in agriculture, the seafood industry and the production of beverages. At the Children’s Seafood Festival you can become a real food pirate and get your own Tastes of the Islands tattoo. Hear stories about the fish farm and explore the island kingdom’s treasure map. You will also get to taste a selection of “gold” from the archipelago

MENY is passionate about food enjoyment, for both adults and children. “Fiskeknappen” is a fun skill mark to create curiosity and interest in the little ones. The purpose is to teach the children a little more about fish, and invite them to visit the fish counter to see what is there. Perhaps they also want to taste a type of fish they have not tasted before?

The aim of all the activities in Fiskesprell is to facilitate children and young people to eat more seafood. Fiskesprell comes to the Children’s Seafood Festival with many exciting books about seafood.

See how tunicates become food for humans. The researchers have found out how tunicates (sea urchins) can replace meat. NTNU is coming to talk about this exciting project.

Ellen Aabol is one of Norway’s biggest food bloggers, and has 200,000 followers on TikTok. She has published a cookbook, and has also taken part in Melodi Grand Prix Junior and Camp Culinaris. She comes to the Children’s Seafood Festival to make her favorite seafood recipes and share useful food tips.

For many, Karen Ellen Thorsen is best known as “Fattig Student” through her Instagram account of the same name. She has over 220,000 followers and shares cheap and sustainable recipes weekly. Karen Ellen Thorsen has also published several books about smart cooking and life as a student. Get to know her even better during the Children’s Seafood Festival

Friday the 15th of March you can experience these activities at Trondheim Science Center

–> Become a DNA detective
Put on your detective hat and help us uncover which sea creatures we have found the DNA sequences for. Suitable for all ages.

Address: Kongens Gate 1
Hours: 10am-14pm
Drop-in (note that there is a normal admission price at the Vitensenteret on this day, see for more info)

The Childrens Seafood festival continues at Sabrura Byhaven!

Sushi restaurant Sabrura Byhaven will arrange exclusive activities for kids in the cellar of Byhaven! Come by between 10:00 – 15:00 Saturday 16th of March to color some sushi, spin our Wheel of Fortune and have some free sushi!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Address: Olav Tryggvasons gate 28
Hours: 10am – 15pm Saturday 16th of August

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