Meet famous influencer “Fattig Student” at the Childrens Seafood Festival

Foto: Sulten-app

Influencer, entrepreneur and cookbook author Karen Elene Thorsen, known as "Fattig Student", is coming to the Children's Seafood Festival in Trondheim


Karen Elene Thorsen, known as "Fattig Student" on Instagram, is coming to share her best and cheapest recipes at the Children's Seafood Festival.

In 2017, Karen Elene Thorsen created the Instagram account “Fattig Student” to share affordable and sustainable recipes. Seven years later, she has 223,000 incredible followers, published two books, and launched her own app. Thorsen also walked away with the award for “Food influencer of the year” at the Vixen Awards in 2022.

Thorsen is looking forward to the Norway Seafood Festival and to visiting the Children’s Seafood Festival. She has many favorite seafood dishes and believes that a specific ingredient deserves more attention.

-Mussels are affordable, delicious, and incredibly easy to prepare at home. And not to mention seaweed and kelp. I have thrown out all the broth and only use seaweed seasoning in the food if I do not have homemade broth available. It adds a rich umami flavor to the food. It is also nutritious, advises Thorsen.

Smart food app
Fighting food waste is Thorsen’s biggest passion. In her own app “Sulten,” you can find recipes based on just a few ingredients. The app encourages you to use leftover food as an ingredient.

– Many people wonder how they can eat good and exciting food for cheap – and then my answer is always that they have to let the leftovers decide what to eat for dinner. In the app, you can easily search for the leftover ingredients, and then a wide range of possibilities for what you can make, including seafood and fish, appears.

Thorsen has several seafood favorites, but even a cookbook author likes it simple.

– One of my favorites is fresh prawns on a loaf with homemade garlic butter – or perhaps my mother-in-law’s red fish soup?