Discover the best crabs in town

Photo: Stein Olav Sivertsen

Join Ola Skjåk-Bræk for a seafood course at The Crab, followed by a delectable three-course lunch.


At The Crab, you can enjoy the best crab in the city all year round. During the Norway Seafood Festival in 2024, renowned crab chef Ola Skjåk-Bræk invites you to a special seafood course at his restaurant.

– We ran the same course in connection with the Trøndersk Matfestival.  It was a full house, and we are looking forward to repeating the success during the Norway Seafood Festival, says Lisa Rønning, head of administration at The Crab in Trondheim.

The course will teach you the skills of a pro when it comes to shucking oysters, cooking crayfish, and perfecting crab pasta.

According to Rønning, the course is suitable for all levels of skill and aims to spark a passion for locally-sourced seafood.

– The Crab effortlessly combines modesty and sophistication. We aim to show how simple it is to prepare shellfish and seafood, regardless of your schedule or budget, she says.

Magic from the island kingdom
If you have a cabin or boat in the Hitra area, you have likely visited Ansnes Brygger. The Crab originates from this gem, known for its legendary «Havets Festbord» and seafood box.

And it is precisely ingredients from Hitra that will sparkle during the seafood course that takes place in the restaurant’s 150-year-old premises. Seafood has been served at this location for several decades. When the predecessor restaurant, Havfruen, closed its doors for good, The Crab took over the premises in Kjøpmannsgata in 2022. Since then there have been full tables and busy days.

– We are proud to present the best produce from local producers and fishermen. We receive fresh crab delivered daily from Hitra, and several of our beverages are also from Trøndelag. Inderøy Mosteri delivers fabulous applesauce which has become a great favorite with our guests, concludes Rønning.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 16th at 12:00 – 14:00 for the course, followed by a delicious three-course seafood lunch.

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