Visit Bjørn – 5 course dinner & music


Visit Bjørn

Ilevollen 12, 7018 Trondheim, Norge

18:00 - 22:00


The ticket includes all food and entertainment, you choose and buy drinks along the way.

Host Bjørn Fjeldvær invites you to a special evening in his own living room.

“NORWAY SEAFOOD FESTIVAL” is being organized for the first time in Trondheim, and Visit Bjørn is one of the restaurants that will mark these days.

The festival runs from 2.-4. March and we’re getting off to a flying start already on March 1 with 5 courses and entertainment in the living room:

Smoked salmon and trout from Hitra and Frøya (Garnviks Røkeri & Dolmøy seafood) are served as well as Bjørn’s own seaweed bread from Fjellværøya.

3 varieties of Bacalao: Red, white and blue! With lots of side dishes and freshly baked olive bread.

Bjørn’s crab mousse from Hitra with freshly baked bread, and finally:

Secret dessert from Bjørn’s visit on Kongeskipet Norge!

Each dish is served with a song, and music is served before, during and after the meal.


  • 18.00 Welcome in the living room (Info with drinks and entertainment)
  • 19.00 4 courses are served with entertainment
  • 21.00 Music and entertainment
  • 21.30 Dessert is served
  • 22.00 End (no later than 22.30)

Various beers, with and without alcohol, prosecco, cava, champagne and good wines that match the food and music. 5 types of aquavit, brandy and liqueurs can be served, because Visit Bjørn has all the rights.


Drinks menu: open Vipps number 688024, here you will find the entire menu with prices.

For groups, you can have your own arrangement on your own evenings if you wish.

Send an email to


Bjørn Fjeldvær

Visit Bjørn AS

Ilevollen 12

mobile 915 21 915