Show Cooking – Food and music from the Islands

Clarion Hotel Trondheim

Brattørkaia 1 Trondheim 7010

12:30 - 12:50


Taste from the Island Show Cooking at Clarion. Our Ambassador Bjørn Fjeldvær brings food and music from the Islands Hitra and Frøya and shows off some of his food show with salmon from Garnvik, Trout from Dolmøy Seafood, his fantastic crab mousse from Hitramat and some seaweed bread from Fjellværøya. This show is also a small taste of what you can experience at Visit Bjørn’s home.


Smaker fra Øyriket (Taste from the Island Kingdom) is a corporate collaboration of local food producers from the islands Hitra and Frøya with roots in agriculture, the seafood industry and the production of beverages. The network consists of enthusiastic and cooperative companies that share expertise and experience, and which complement each other in several ways. The companies each have a well-established production of their own brands, and overall long and broad experience.


Smaker fra Øyriket (Taste from the Island Kingdom) consists of : Hitra Gårdsmat, Helgebostad Hagebruk, Dolmøy Seafood, Garnviks Røkeri, Hurran Spiseri, Bryggeriet Frøya og DalPro Gårdsmat.


Bjørn Fjeldvær lives in this little red house – the only residential building in Trondheim with catering and a liquor licence! The house has its own atmosphere and history, and something is told along the way.

Here, the most delicious dishes are served in a distinctive way, with lots of music and rich drinks (all rights reserved). The food is made from the best ingredients from Hitra & Frøya, and many other delicious things from local farmers in Trøndelag. Spanish and Portuguese dishes are always included!