Olivia on The Seafood Festival

Olivia Solsiden

Beddingen 16, 7014 Trondheim, Norge

12:00 - 23:00


Olivia Solsiden is located in the upper part of the district of Solsiden along the river Nidelven. The restaurant is intimate, with around 200 guests inside. 


The outdoor dining area overlooks the square and the flower bridge, and is a pleasant place to sit back and watch people go by outside.


All Olivia restaurants are inspired by different Italian cities, and Olivia Solsiden is inspired by Florence, with its many bridges. You will find traces of Florence in the interior and in the menu, and on that note they hope to be able to give you a little taste of not only Italy, but also what is unique to the area around Florence. 

Otherwise, it’s Olivia as you know it; cozy and pleasant with a fire in the fireplace, live lights and a pulsating stew. 

Olivia Solsiden will celebrate seafood with tastes from the sea during the Norway Seafood Festival in March. They have selected several special dishes with a focus on seafood just for the festival. 


Buon appetito!