Norway Seafood festival

Trondheim by

Trondheim, Norge

10:00 - 23:00


Norway Seafood Festival will be held in Trondheim for the first time from March 2. to 4. 2023. Here you will be able to feast on wonderful ingredients from the sea.


Seafood festival coming to Trondheim!

Norway and Trøndelag have the world’s best seafood, and during the festival week it will be given center stage. Come eat, experience, explore and learn.

At the Seafood Festival, there will be seafood in all places. The city will be buzzing with activities and the menus will be full of the best the sea has to offer – even in the middle of the seafood season.

Because it is at this time of year, when the sea is really cold, the seafood is at its very best. The skrei (Atlangtic cod) spawn along the Norwegian coast, the fish are firm and tasty and the shellfish are in full vigour. At the same time, the sun has begun to shine over our city, and there are brighter times ahead. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for a seafood festival!


Eat There will be a number of temptations for both palate and stomach. Whether you are looking for the safe choices or are of the more adventurous type.


Explore The senses will get to explore a range of new products and flavours. Come and be inspired to try something new, exciting and, not least, delicious!


Experience Mind and soul also need theirs. We hope you will find cultural experiences that suit your taste, with opportunities to eat delicious seafood along the way.


Learn Your mind will also be replenished, and there will be extra focus on public health and diet. We hope it leads to healthier and better food, even long after the festival is over.


Ravnkloa and Clarion Hotell at Brattøra will be the center for many activities. A seafood market will be set up with both familiar and new products. Here you can choose from fantastic ingredients. 

The seafood festival will also be an arena for learning. Knowledgeable chefs will inspire you to use more seafood.


During this long weekend at the beginning of March, the city’s eateries will offer seafood experiences aplenty – whether you visit a food truck or a five-star restaurant.

The beverages served with the food will also get the attention they deserve, and we can promise a lot that deserves a toast.


We should eat more seafood, not just because it’s good, but because it’s good for your health, the environment and it is sustainable. With more and more people on earth and climate challenges, the sea and the ocean are a very important part of the solution in the green shift. We are proud that Norwegian seafood is an important part of this.


Come eat, experience, explore and learn!

Together we will celebrate seafood!